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The following water conservation programs will help you reduce the amount of water used in your home while saving you money both now and in the future.

Programs to Help You Save Water & Money

We like to help our customers save water
and money! Click on a link below to learn about the programs available to
assist customers with the cost of installing water-efficient devices in their
home or business. Once installed, water-saving devices can help you save water
and reduce water bills for years to come. For this information and more, click
a link!



HomeSurveyFree Home Water Use Survey

This valuable program helps customers conserve water in their homes and cut water costs. To perform the survey, a District representative checks the resident's irrigation system to identify leaks that should be investigated. The irrigation test will also show the customer if the lawn is being watered properly and if the sprinkler system is distributing water evenly on the grass, plants, and shrubs. Please call the District at (909) 595-7554, ext. 327, to request your survey.

Additional Ways to Save Water

There are many other steps you can take to save water. Visit our Ways to Save web page to learn how! In addition to helping our environment and preserving water for future generations, water-saving measures frequently provide money and energy savings that persist for years.



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