Disputed Bills

General Information

Should you question the accuracy of your bill, please contact the Customer Service Department for assistance. Should you feel the explanation received is inadequate, please ask to speak with a supervisor, who will further investigate your request. Thereafter, if you believe you are still being billed incorrectly, you may appeal the accuracy of the charges in accordance with the District's rules and regulations.

Appeals Procedure

If a customer is not satisfied with the explanation of charges after speaking with the Customer Service staff, the customer may contest the accuracy of the charges by following the District’s Appeals Procedure. The District has a two-tiered appeals process. When a customer submits a formal complaint, a hearing will be scheduled with a District Hearing Officer, who will review the case. If the customer is dissatisfied with the decision of the Hearing Officer, the decision may be appealed to the District's Board of Directors, who will hear the case. The decision of the District's Board of Directors is final.

Appeals Procedure Steps Made Easy

View a flow chart of the steps in the Appeals Procedure.

District Policy Document

Please read the District's policy for the complete official description of the Appeals Procedure. This policy is provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Just click the link above and the file will open automatically if Adobe Reader is installed on your computer.

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